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The cloud isn't coming.

cloud com·put·ing
the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.


Use Case


Next time you want to order an MPLS service to AWS, go ahead and check into the nearest clinic for a while.  Talk about a headache.  The most basic use of CloudConductor services is providing MPLS access to any cloud with the carrier of your choosing.  Just order the circuit to our primary and secondary locations and allow us to create virtual pathways to and from multiple clouds and preserve the QoS and existing routing you have in place.


This is our version of "hybrid cloud."  If you have 99 applications that are public cloud friendly but 1 that is not, allow us to host that single application in FlexLayer™, which has an amazing 1-2 ms response time and multigig access to all of the top public clouds.


Front end any cloud with popular iWAN and VPN solutions from any vendor.  This can be provided virtually in the form of a CSR1000v or physically if you choose to install a device into our facility.


Why throw all of your security away to take advantage of the pay as you go (and grow) model.  If you have an existing investment or want to make a new investment, all of it can operate in FlexLayer™.  You don't have to compromise on IPS/IDS in the cloud with CloudConductor.

WAN Compression

Riverbed, Silverpeak and Cisco all have products for WAN compression.  Take advantage of the most abundant resource the cloud has to offer (storage) and maintain service levels for your customer.

Load Balancing

Don't let your F5 collect dust and don't get stuck with whatever the cloud has to offer in terms of load balancing.  Use what you want, how you want to, in order to achieve the results your customers require for cloud workloads.  You can even get more innovative and load balance across clouds to hedge your bet against disruption.


Ever meet a cloud and say "You are the one for me, forever?" We haven't either.  Our service allows for multicloud access, so even if you migrate from one cloud to another, your network stays the same.


How long did it take you to get that ASN assigned?  Don't throw it away just because your workload moved!  Continue to leverage your BGP strategy by allowing CloudConductor to provide the internet connectivity to your cloud(s) of choice.

RemoTE Access

A choice to move to cloud often requires sacrifice of the end user, or administrative, experience.  You are required to play the hand that you are dealt, but not anymore.  Enable remote access the way you do in private clouds, use your favored two factor authentication product or scalable VPN architecture to keep things compliant and manageable.

Our approach is focused on delivering cloud solutions with maximum interoperability.  Our FlexLayer™ technology builds a platform for our customers to deploy network solutions they are accustomed to using in order to achieve their goals in the cloud. Take advantage of the what the cloud has to offer: compute and storage.  Leave the network to us. Virtual or physical doesn't matter, we can support any appliance to enable better network services to the cloud. 



Be ready for the cloud, when the cloud is ready for you.


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